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About MetroVet

We do things differently at MetroVet.

Our Story

MetroVet is a St. Louis-based primary care veterinary practice founded on its progressive medicine approach coupled with a modern, forward-thinking, and technology-driven client experience.

MetroVet was born from Dr. Seth Williams’ vision to turn the dated veterinary experience on its head. Established in 2021, MetroVet exists to strengthen the bond between animals and their families by combining modern medicine with a modern experience. We dreamed of a veterinary practice that dares to challenge the status quo and bring veterinary medicine into the 21st century. We are MetroVet.


At MetroVet, we provide a revolutionary veterinary experience to enrich the lives of animals and their families.


Our approach to veterinary care is different. The look, feel, and philosophy of MetroVet is like no other vet you’ve experienced – and that’s by design. We strongly believe that by building a practice based on fear-free, low-stress, technology-driven, and customer service-centered experience, we can improve the lives of our patients and strengthen the bond between them and their families. The future of veterinary medicine is here.

We do things differently at MetroVet.

Meet Seth Williams, DVM

Dr. Seth Williams was born to be a veterinarian. But he didn’t always know that.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Dr. Williams grew up on the sidelines of his family’s business, Ladue Pharmacy, down the street from what would become MetroVet. It was at the pharmacy where his interest in medical care and passion for customer service was born. He went to college at the University of Miami, where after starting on a path towards human medical school, he took a wild turn and chose to follow another life passion: music and music business. After graduating with a degree in Music Business, Dr. Williams returned to St. Louis to start a successful event production and marketing career.

But after several years in the entertainment industry, the itch for a career in medicine was becoming unbearable. It was only until Teddy, his childhood Golden Retriever, was going through his end-of-life journey when Dr. Williams had his eureka moment. He realized his bond with animals was tenacious. His calling was to be a veterinarian. In no other career could one practice medicine, strengthen the bond between humans and their animals, and fulfill his passion for business and leadership. He took a leap of faith and followed his calling, and has never looked back. He completed his veterinary training at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and again returned to St. Louis to begin his veterinary career.

From the day he decided to become a veterinarian, the ideas that lead to the creation of MetroVet were conceived. Dr. Williams thrives every day by knowing he is playing a role in strengthening the bond between you and your pet. For Dr. Williams, working with his patients is as important as working with their owners. He strives to create a one-of-a-kind veterinary experience for his patients, clients, and staff, where going to the vet is a trip worth looking forward to.