MetroVet Services

Diagnostic Services

At MetroVet St. Louis, we use diagnostics as a valuable tool in veterinary medicine to help see what is wrong with our patients.

Diagnostics & Imaging

Physical examinations limit what we can diagnose and leaves us with an incomplete picture of your pet’s health, so we’re excited to take our testing capabilities to the next level and offer a higher standard of care to our dog and cat patients.

Lab work is an essential part of your pet’s annual (or semiannual) checkup. By testing blood, urine, and feces, we can obtain detailed information about your pet’s condition and recommend treatments or lifestyle adjustments based on our findings. What’s more, regular testing makes it easier for our veterinary team to catch subtle, underlying problems that could turn into big problems.

In-house Laboratory

Our in-house lab provides important fecal exams, heartworm tests, and more. Stool samples help us diagnose any internal parasites your pet may be suffering from.

We can easily test your pet’s blood for liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and hormonal imbalances that affect dogs and cats as they age.

Radiology (X-Ray)

We offer the latest in digital x-rays, which allow for an accurate and speedy diagnosis. This technology allows us to get much better images and manipulate these images to see pathology we may have been unable to see in the past with regular film.